Navy Cis Clayton Reeves

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Navy Cis Clayton Reeves

Am Ende der Staffel verlässt Abby das Team, da Clayton Reeves erschossen wurde. Beide waren gemeinsam essen und sind danach gezielt überfallen worden. Die Spur führt zum Haus des Ex-NCIS-Agenten Dresser. Dort treffen sie auf den MI6-Mann Clayton Reeves, den Tony von seinen Ermittlungen in Russland her. MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves. Navy CIS (). NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service. TV-Serie. Synchronfirma: Arena Synchron.

"Navy CIS": So verabschiedete sich Pauley Perrette aus der Serie

Die Spur führt zum Haus des Ex-NCIS-Agenten Dresser. Dort treffen sie auf den MI6-Mann Clayton Reeves, den Tony von seinen Ermittlungen in Russland her. MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves. Navy CIS (). NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service. TV-Serie. Synchronfirma: Arena Synchron. Staffel „Navy CIS“ setzt Sat.1 die deutsche Ausstrahlung des TV-Hits Clayton Reeves hatte da weniger Glück), beschloss sie, den NCIS zu.

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NCIS 15x22 - Clayton Reeves is Dead

Dramatischer Delirious zum GZSZ-Jubilum: Sunny verzweifelt an ihrer Hochzeit - aber warum. - Staffel 14

Erst in Hochalpenstraße Großglockner Folge Lang lebe die Königin ermittelt das Tageschau innerhalb des NCIS wegen des Mordes an Grenouille.

Abby Sciuto. Leroy Gibbs. Timothy McGee. Donald "Ducky" Mallard. Leon Vance. Nicholas "Nick" Torres. Following the aftermath of Kate Todd's death, Cassidy temporarily joins Gibbs' team during " Mind Games " and helps in the case of a serial killer as well as tracking down a copycat who is carrying out similar killings.

After becoming a team leader and being assigned to the Pentagon , Cassidy's team is killed while investigating a suspected terrorist, and she later joins the team to find out who arranged the phone call and the trap that sent her team to their deaths.

She also has a hostile relationship with Ziva David, pronouncing Ziva's surname wrong to antagonize her, a trait that Abby repeats upon meeting Ziva for the first time.

It is later revealed that Ziva has been allowing herself to be the target of Cassidy's anger in order to help her through the ordeal of losing her team.

As a result of the bombing, Cassidy is left with psychological scars and begins developing survivor's guilt , believing herself to be the one responsible for unknowingly sending her team into the trap.

Her death leaves Tony grief-stricken and finally gives him the courage he needs to tell Jeanne that he loves her. Her portrait is later seen in a bar wall honoring officers who have been killed in the line of duty.

Rebecca Chase Jeri Ryan is the second ex-wife of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. She first appears in " Check ". She appears alongside Gibbs' first ex-wife Diane Sterling coincidentally at a crime scene he is investigating; she and Diane explain that they met at a support group.

After a day of trying to avoid her, Rebecca then arrives at Gibbs' house, apologizing for cheating on him during their marriage.

In the episode " Off The Grid ", after Gibbs goes undercover, McGee and Torres discover that he and Rebecca had a phone conversation the night before.

Torres calls Rebecca to find out if she knows any information about Gibbs' undercover operations; though she denies knowing anything and reveals that the two were only making plans for dinner; whether this is supposed to be romantic or not is left unknown.

Carrie Clark Salli Richardson-Whitfield is a lawyer and a former Special Agent with the FBI. She worked on FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell 's team, now a criminal attorney.

She appears in season 11 episode 8 " Alibi ", season 12 episode 8 "Semper Fortis" and season 13 episode 9 "A Day in Court".

She has worked with Gibbs and his team on a case, while working for the FBI off screen. She first appears in episode Alibi, after Marine Staff Sergeant Justin Dunne, is arrested, Dunne requests an attorney, and hires former FBI agent Carrie Clark, who also happens to be an old acquaintance of the team.

Dunne tells Carrie that he has an alibi, in that he was involved in a murder outside of the base at the time of the hit and run, and that somebody else must have stolen his truck.

Due to attorney-client privilege, Carrie cannot tell Gibbs and the team anything about Dunne's crime other than he has a solid alibi.

However, she manages to leave small, subtle clues for the team to follow. Lieutenant Jonas Cobb Kerr Smith is the real name of the "Port-to-Port Killer", or 'P2P' for short, the primary antagonist of season eight.

Originally recruited into a CIA assassination team code-named Frankenstein, Cobb cracked under intense and inhumane training before escaping.

He re-surfaced in Rota, Spain , where he began his pattern of killing Navy personnel when they made landfall.

He has also killed victims in Guam , Japan, Norfolk , Washington, D. A ruthless serial killer, he is responsible for the deaths of Mike Franks and NCIS Agent Gaven Levin, and takes NCIS agent E.

Barrett hostage. One body in the episode " Baltimore " resembles P2P's work, but is later found by Dr. Mallard to be a copycat because of the way the knot is tied.

The killer is revealed to be Agent DiNozzo's former superior at Baltimore PD, and the victim is DiNozzo's former partner there, with whom he reconciled.

The real P2P, though not known to be Cobb at the time, makes the deception final through a fake Abby Scuito email. Cobb's modus operandi involves luring his victims into a trap before slashing their throats from behind.

He then scrubs the body down with a hospital-grade cleanser before wrapping the bodies in plastic and dumping them in isolated areas.

He has been known to dress seamen in the uniforms of officers, and often leaves personal effects of his victims behind frozen in ice that foreshadow his next kill, though his m.

Psychological profiling of Cobb depicts him as methodical, intelligent, and opposed to authority, but not easily distracted by law enforcement.

The threat posed by Cobb is deemed so great by Director Vance, that he deliberately changes NCIS policy to antagonize Gibbs in the hopes of setting Gibbs up as a figure Cobb will identify with, in an attempt to lure Cobb into a trap.

Cobb, after abducting Ziva David, gives himself up to NCIS in order to start the next phase of his plan.

While Gibbs interrogates him with Agent Barrett watching, he tells a story about the son of a Marine who was told that he had to have his horse put to sleep, which turns out to be a deadly seed planted into Cobb as a child, since the story was about him anyway.

Cobb is killed in the season eight finale, " Pyramid ", where it is revealed that everything he had done since his first kill in Rota has been a part of a larger plan to get revenge on those he holds responsible for Operation Frankenstein—Leon Vance, Trent Kort and the Secretary of the Navy.

He is aware that what he does is evil, but maintains that his actions have been for the greater good. He is shot and killed by Gibbs and Vance when he refuses to surrender.

Jonathan Cole Scott Wolf , alias FBI Agent Casey Stratton, is one of the primary antagonists of season nine.

He was formerly a member of "Phantom Eight", a clandestine team of operatives assigned to the Watcher Fleet tasked with protecting the United States Navy.

Cole goes rogue some time after the Phantom Eight are disbanded and begins working with Sean Latham, the corrupt Director of Special Operations for the Office of Naval Intelligence and a former member of Phantom Eight himself.

Cole and Latham conspire to sell a series of microchips belonging to Phantom Eight members, which give their owners unrivalled access to the Navy mainframe.

Cole makes his first appearance in " Nature of the Beast ", where he adopts the alias of Casey Stratton, an FBI Agent assigned to investigate a shooting involving Tony DiNozzo.

DiNozzo, having forgotten the events that led up to the trauma of the shooting, attempts to reconstruct his memories, recounting his investigation of NCIS Agents Simon Cade and E.

His investigation centers on a microchip Barrett extracted from the body of Gayne Levin, who also served in Phantom Eight, but wound up the last murder victim of Lt.

Jonas Cobb, the Port-to-Port Killer. Cole manipulates DiNozzo, Barrett, and Cade into first distrusting one another and then meeting, where he attempts to kill all three before fleeing with the microchip.

Cole kills Cade, wounds DiNozzo, and misses Barrett, who flees. He later approaches DiNozzo in the hospital under the Casey Stratton alias, but is unable to kill him as DiNozzo is under guard.

Cole reappears in " Housekeeping ", where he attempts to kill E. Barrett, who has since resurfaced. After the first failed attempt, Latham advises Cole to abandon his mission, but Cole refuses, claiming that he has to see it through, and he murders Latham.

Now aware of his role in Phantom Eight and his actual name, NCIS trick Cole into attacking a safehouse under the pretense that Barrett and DiNozzo are hiding there.

The safehouse is empty, and Cole is apprehended. His final appearance comes in " Till Death Do Us Part " when Gibbs feels he would be an ideal operative to get close to the terrorist Harper Dearing.

Cole agrees in exchange for a slightly reduced sentence, but Dearing is already aware of his role and rejects his offer of help. Cole is killed when attempting to defuse a bomb left by Dearing outside NCIS headquarters.

Although Cole never offers a reason for his crimes, and the circumstances that led to his becoming a traitor are never detailed, he does admit that he thought he had good reasons for doing what he did; he was soon proven wrong.

Grace Confalone Laura San Giacomo is the therapist of both Gibbs and Dr. Cyril Taft. First appearing in "Loose Cannons", Grace builds a professional relationship and personal friendship with Gibbs, nicknaming him "Popeye", and often resorting to child psychology including picture charts to tap into his psyche.

In "Family First", Grace befriends Tobias Fornell's daughter Emily at the request of Gibbs while Fornell is in a coma after having been shot.

Grace returns in "Privileged Information", as Gibbs investigates a patient of hers, a Marine Sergeant, after she ends up in a coma, and tells Gibbs he should treat it as a murder investigation, but cannot divulge further due to doctor-patient confidentiality.

When the patient dies, Grace tells Gibbs that the patient was involved in covering up a murder, but that she didn't tell her any details.

In "Twofer", following Gibbs' and McGee's return to the US after a failed mission in Paraguay, Grace is appointed to conduct psychiatric evaluations on them to determine whether they are fit to return to NCIS.

Gibbs surprisingly is able to open up to her about his troubles more than she's already known, but McGee skips his appointment with her, frustrating her.

Gibbs is able to convince McGee to go to his appointment with Grace, and meets with McGee outside her office after the session, having himself become a more regular patient of Grace.

In "Two Steps Back", Grace is seen playing a poker game at Gibbs' house with Gibbs, Vance, Fornell and new NCIS agent Jack Sloane, whom she meets for the first time.

Jerome Craig Greg Germann is the Deputy Director of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Craig is promoted to Acting Director following the drive-by shooting of Jackie Vance.

It is in this capacity that he helps investigate Ajay Khan "Canary" , though he later steps down from his position in "Hereafter".

Craig is a bureaucrat, with little-to-no field experience. She has made four appearances to date, the first being in the season eight episode " A Man Walks Into a Bar Kate's Sister".

In the season nine premiere " Nature of the Beast ", she helps the team piece together the events of Tony's undercover assignment.

Her most recent appearance is in the season eleven " Double Back ", when she psychologically evaluates McGee after a bombing leaves his girlfriend Delilah paralyzed.

The former United States Secretary of the Navy , Phillip Davenport Jude Ciccolella presumably took over from Edward Sheffield Dean Stockwell , who was last seen in the position during the final season of JAG and the second season of NCIS.

He was in office from at least during which he made his first appearance until he resigned in during the events of " Pyramid ". Eli David played by Michael Nouri has a recurring role, starting in " Last Man Standing ", as the head of Mossad.

David also had a younger daughter, Tali, Ziva's full sister, who is also deceased. Though appearing to be "all business" and uncaring about his children, Eli's reasons for this come from the need to preserve the existence of Israel, a country surrounded by enemy nations.

He and Director Vance have shared a history since a time in Amsterdam when Eli saved his life from the attempts of a Russian hit squad.

Towards the end of season six, Eli sends Michael Rivkin to Washington in what Vance describes as a not-so-subtle message that he does not think NCIS are doing their jobs.

During " Semper Fidelis ", Eli is suspected of using Michael Rivkin to spy on the Americans and using the intelligence to locate a terrorist handler and find a training camp located in Somalia.

Vance claims that Eli ordered Ziva to kill Ari and gain Gibbs' trust. In " Aliyah ", when Ziva, Gibbs, Vance, and Tony travel to Israel, David accuses Tony of killing Michael Rivkin out of jealousy; Tony, in turn, accuses him of sending every corrupt Mossad officer to Washington for NCIS to handle.

Later, David demands that Ziva return full-time to Mossad and complete Rivkin's assignment. Ziva thus travels covertly into a Somali terrorist camp to eliminate Saleem Ulman, its leader.

After one member of the team is killed and the other two are wounded, their instructions stand, and this leads directly to Ziva's captivity and torture at Saleem's hands.

In the 11th episode of Season 10, " Shabbat Shalom ", Director David comes to the U. Unfortunately, both he and Jackie, Director Vance's wife, are shot and killed in the Vance home during dinner in a drive-by shooting orchestrated by hawkish anti-peace Mossad personnel headed by Deputy Director Ilan Tohar Bodnar Oded Fehr.

The last we see of Director David is Ziva holding his body while sobbing and praying in her native Hebrew. Harper Dearing Richard Schiff is the primary antagonist during the last episodes of the ninth season.

Initially described as "an eccentric businessman whose son was killed in a terrorist bombing", [40] he appears as a domestic terrorist, out for revenge against the Navy due to the death of his son, Evan, which is revealed in " Up in Smoke ".

Samatha Ryan describes Dearing as "a sociopathic, paranoid narcissist". After a series of attacks on Navy ships, Dearing plants a bomb at the NCIS Headquarters in the season finale, " Till Death Do Us Part ".

Anthony DiNozzo, Sr. Robert Wagner is the father of Tony DiNozzo. Described by his son as a "con man", DiNozzo prefers to refer to himself as an entrepreneur.

From season seven, he attempts to rebuild his relationship with his son, from whom he had been previously estranged.

The character is shown to be particularly charming. Special Agent Ned Dorneget Matt L. Jones is a probationary agent first introduced in the Season 9 episode " Sins of the Father ".

Usually known as "Dorney" to the rest of the team, he is often assigned to the evidence locker against his wishes and desires to become a full field agent.

In " Need to Know ", Gibbs decides that he is ready and hands him his first field assignment. Like McGee during his days as a probie, Dorneget is often the butt of Tony's hazing pranks in Season 10, most notably in the episode " Prime Suspect ".

The character does not return for Season 11 but is briefly mentioned in the Season 12 episode " The San Dominick ", when he calls McGee for updates regarding Gibbs and the hostage situation.

Later in Season 12, Dorneget returns in the episode "Troll", where it is revealed that he has become a full-fledged NCIS Special Agent and that he also works for NCIS Cyber Operations.

In the next episode, "The Lost Boys", Dorneget is killed in Cairo in a terrorist bomb attack after saving dozens of people at a hotel.

His mother, CIA officer Joanna Teague Mimi Rogers , works with NCIS to find the terrorist group responsible for his death. Special Agent Chad Dunham Todd Lowe first appears in the episode " Truth or Consequences ".

Chad Dunham is a recurring NCIS Special Agent who was stationed in the Horn of Africa when Ziva was being held captive by a group of terrorists in the beginning of season seven.

He returned in episode four, " Good Cop, Bad Cop ". His third appearance and the last to date is in season seven, episode seven, " Endgame ", although this time it was in person in DC, when Ziva notices that he "cleans up nice".

In the distant past, prior to her appointment to Mossad, Orli had an affair with Eli David that led to the dissolution of his marriage to Rivka David.

In the aftermath of Eli's murder, with Ilan Bodnar going on the run until killed in a fight with Special Agent Ziva David, Orli becomes the new director of Mossad.

Though she and Ziva are initially resentful of one another, they reconcile in the season following Ziva's departure from NCIS — and Elbaz is one of the only people she confides in about the paternity of Tali.

Orli is last seen transporting the child to NCIS, and relinquishing custody to DiNozzo. Adam Eshel Damon Dayoub works for the Shin Bet, Israeli Secret Service, and is also Ziva David's contact.

During Eshel's first appearance, he assists in the investigation into Ilan Bodnar, working with Tony and Ziva; in the same episode, it is mentioned that he and Ziva spent the night together after her father's funeral.

In "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot", Eshel lends his expertise in order to give DiNozzo an insight into Ziva's personal life and current whereabouts.

He is mentioned in "Family First", with DiNozzo stating he has asked Eshel about Ziva's current location, but that Adam says he has not had contact with her in over a year.

In Season 17, it is revealed that, after Ziva has escaped the mortar attack, she brought Tali to Adam who then brings the child to Orli.

Eshel returns in the NCIS Season 17 episode, "The North Pole" where he was captured by henchmen working for terrorist Sahar who has been hunting Ziva and tortured Adam.

Despite Gibbs and Ziva's efforts, they arrive too late to save Eshel who ultimately succumbs to his injuries and dies although Eshel tells them that the real Sahar they've been looking for is someone they know before dying, leading the two to realize that the real Sahar is Gibbs's neighbor, Sarah.

Delilah Fielding-McGee Margo Harshman is a Department of Defense analyst and McGee's girlfriend and later his wife.

An agent with the Department of Defense, Delilah is first mentioned during the Season 10 finale " Damned If You Do " as a woman McGee has been flirting with who sends him some confidential information relating to a case.

She first appears in the Season 11 premiere episode "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" during a coffee date with McGee and later becomes an ally, assisting the NCIS team in their hunt for terrorist Benham Parsa.

In the Season 11 episodes "Kill Chain" and "Double Back", Delilah is left badly injured in a missile attack at a black-tie event she and McGee are attending.

While McGee is not seriously injured, Delilah is left permanently paralyzed due to shrapnel embedded in her spine, and she thereafter uses a wheelchair.

She soon recovers from the incident and continues to assist the NCIS team. In the episode "Page Not Found", McGee confides in Tony that he is planning to ask Delilah to move in with him; Delilah later reveals to Tony that she wants to take a job opening for a senior intelligence analyst, which would require her to move to Dubai for a year.

Tony then separately tells the two about their other half's plans; McGee allows her to take the job and they agree to continue their relationship long-distance.

McGee also gives her a copy of his house key, which she accepts, reiterating her intent to move in with him after her assignment is over.

After spending almost a year in Dubai, Delilah returns in the episode, "Status Update". When she returns as team leader now based in the US, she and McGee move in together.

McGee later buys an engagement ring, with the intent of proposing to Delilah. When McGee spontaneously proposes to Delilah in the elevator in the episode "Love Boat", she accepts.

During "Something Blue", McGee and Delilah have been planning their wedding when Delilah collapses. While she recovers in hospital, she and McGee find out that she is pregnant.

They change their minds about wedding planning and marry in a private ceremony in their apartment surrounded by the NCIS team.

In the episode "Ready or Not", Delilah goes into labor and Abby takes her to the hospital. A hostage situation occurs in the hospital and McGee is caught up in it while Delilah gives birth to twins, John a boy , named after McGee's father Admiral John McGee, and Morgan a girl , named after ER Guard and former Law Enforcement Officer Morgan Cade who was fatally shot trying to help McGee arrest an arms dealer.

McGee is unharmed and eventually is able to be with Delilah when she gives birth. Jenna Flemming Mary Stuart Masterson is a Congresswoman in the United States House of Representatives , representing Maryland 's 9th district.

Her political career started when she was elected to the School Board; she has been a member of the House since Since "A Many Splendored Thing", Congresswoman Flemming is the ranking member of the House Counterterrorism Subcommittee.

She was a descendant of Attila the Hun [ citation needed ]. Congresswoman Flemming starts a romantic relationship with Director Vance after his team investigates death threats against her and the death of her aide.

She is interested in grooming Vance for a political career, and even offered to help Gibbs become the new Director of NCIS should Vance leave.

When Flemming and Vance come to blows over their different views of politics, the two agree that they are not good at not letting these differences interfere with their relationship and decide to take a break from it to figure things out.

Stephanie Bronwyn Flynn Kathleen York is Gibbs' third ex-wife. She first appears in " Ex-File ". Emily Fornell Juliette Angelo is the daughter of Agent Tobias Fornell and Diane Sterling.

Emily first appears during season four, played by Payton Spencer. During season eleven, " Devil's Triad ", Emily is kidnapped and subsequently rescued by NSA Analyst Eleanor Bishop , while in season twelve she is visibly distraught following her mother's death.

In " Cabin Fever ", she enlists Gibbs' assistance when Tobias is arrested for DUI. She later appears in person in the episode "Dead Letter", where she quickly learns about her father being critically wounded by an unknown assassin.

Out of anger and grief especially as it happens just a year after her mother has been murdered , she demands that Gibbs swear to her to find the one who did this and make him pay.

She later calls Gibbs requesting his help, as the nurse at the hospital refuses to resuscitate Fornell due to a "do not resuscitate" clause he had written when he was still grieving for her mom's death.

While waiting for him to wake up, she attempts to paint his toenails to look like watermelons, but then she notices he is waking up and tries to talk to him.

He is only awake for a few moments, but he tells her to tell Gibbs some vital information relating to SISCO regarding stolen cell-phones.

This information allows them to track down Jacob Scott whom they had believed was the man who murdered Terdei and left Fornell under critical condition at the time who, much to everyone's surprise, has surrendered to NCIS custody at the Navy Yard.

In "Family First", she is still waiting for her dad's recovery. During this time, she also runs out of nail-polish, thus leaving her pedicure on her dad incomplete.

In addition, Gibbs, under the pretense of helping to catch the man who tried to kill Tobias although it is heavily implied that it is actually to help Emily come to terms with what might happen , brings his shrink, Dr.

Grace Confalone, who also proceeds to help her with the project. She affectionately calls Gibbs "Uncle Gibbs".

Senior FBI Special Agent Tobias C. Fornell Joe Spano , later a private investigator, first appears in the series premiere episode " Yankee White ".

He is often involved in "inter-agency turf wars" with Gibbs' NCIS team. The two frequently pretend to be furiously angry at each other in front of their agents, while privately they are on friendly terms.

When their teams have to share jurisdiction on a case, Gibbs usually asks for operational control; in exchange, credit for successes is claimed by Fornell's team.

Their friendship is close enough for Gibbs to delay his retirement in the episode " Escaped " to assist Fornell in recapturing a fugitive.

In the episode " The Bone Yard ", Fornell comes to Gibbs for help when he is accused of being a mole for the mafia. In the same episode, he reveals that Gibbs is likely his only friend.

Gibbs seems to feel similarly about Fornell, going so far as to fake Fornell's death to further the investigation to clear him of guilt.

It is revealed in the episode " Twilight ", that Fornell was married to Gibbs' second wife Diane after she and Gibbs divorced, something that Gibbs warned him against.

Fornell often refers to Diane as "our ex-wife" to Gibbs. Fornell and Diane have a daughter, Emily. After a period of estrangement, the two reunite and agree to marry.

Diane is later murdered, and Fornell turns to alcoholism for a short time. After being shot by an unknown assailant later revealed to be Trent Kort in " Homefront ", Fornell spends the next few months convalescing on Gibbs' couch, before finally returning to his own place around Christmas.

In season 15, Gibbs discovers that Fornell had falsified evidence to get Gabriel Hicks convicted as a serial murder and is forced to testify against him, resulting in his being fired from the FBI and becoming a private investigator; this causes a temporary break in their friendship.

They make up when Hicks is eventually found to indeed be guilty and is arrested, exonerating Fornell. Despite being offered back a position in the FBI, Fornell chooses to stay in his new career.

Fornell is the only recurring character to appear in every season, except season 17, of NCIS. Special Agent-in-Charge Mike Franks, NIS Ret.

Muse Watson is introduced in episode flashbacks in the episode "Hiatus" Part 1. He is Gibbs' former mentor and partner, still referring to Gibbs as "Probie", just as DiNozzo does with McGee.

In "Hiatus" Part 2 , it is stated that he retired to Mexico in , roughly five years after Gibbs joined NCIS, after being disgruntled with the government's failure to prevent the Khobar Towers bombing.

Although he comes across as crass and uncaring, Franks has been known to be very devious and sneaky, even hiding the fact that he had a son, though Gibbs helps hide his granddaughter and the girl's mother.

Gibbs has picked up many of his mannerisms, including the trademark head slap he gives to DiNozzo and his ability to find a way around red tape.

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Gibbs Mark Harmon had to bail Nick and Palmer out after getting very late night phone call. Clayton Reeves and Abby Sciuto's exits were connected in NCIS Image: CBS.

Who is NCIS Reeves actor Duane Henry?

10/3/ · The last season of NCIS saw MI-6 agent Clayton Reeves meet a tragic demise after he was killed off. Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) was the intended target but Reeves ended up taking the bullet for. Clayton Dante Reeves (Duane Henry) is a British MI6 Intelligence Operative who first encounters the NCIS team working abroad with DiNozzo. Upon returning to the US, Clayton is attacked by Trent Kort, who he later shoots and kills. He first appears in season 13, and returns as a main character for season Clayton Reeves ist ein Alkoholiker und versucht seine Krankheit durch Treffen mit den Anonymen Alkoholikern zu bekämpfen. Seinen Freund hat . Mit Tony DiNozzos (Michael Weatherly) Abschied im Finale der Staffel, holt sich der NCIS Unterstützung für das Team: Clayton Reeves. Für die Fans kam es überraschend: Eine beliebte Figur in NCIS musste in Staffel 15 Episode 22 den Serientod sterben. Reeves Gibbs. Clayton Reeves ist ein MIAgent, der ein Arbeiterkind war. Er studierte Mathematik und Physik an. Clayton Reeves (Duane Henry) hatte Abby zum Essen in ein schickes, neues Lokal begleitet. Nach dem wunderschönen Abend werden beide. The last season of NCIS saw MI-6 agent Clayton Reeves meet a tragic demise after he was killed off. Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) was the intended target but Reeves ended up taking the bullet for. "Navy CIS" – Freitag, um Uhr bei Kabel Eins # NavyCIS MI6 inspector Clayton Reeves is in Philadelphia right now when a Navy member is being shot. Reeves, who is actually looking for his missing partner Finley in Philly, alerts Gibbs and his team. 👮 ′′ Navy CIS ′′ - Friday pm at cable one #NavyCIS. Navy CIS; Navy CIS: L.A. News; Niedrig und Kuhnt; Promi Big Brother holt sich der NCIS Unterstützung für das Team: Clayton Reeves zieht schon in der Folge "Tödlicher Wettlauf" (Episode From NCIS season 15 episode 22 "Two Steps Back"I do not own anything. Clayton Dante Reeves (Duane Henry) is a British MI6 Intelligence Operative who first encounters the NCIS team working abroad with DiNozzo. Upon returning to the US, Clayton is attacked by Trent Kort, who he later shoots and kills. He first appears in season 13, and returns as a main character for season
Navy Cis Clayton Reeves Für die US-amerikanische Sm Erotik siehe Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Do Die Episode beginnt in der Regel mit der Darstellung eines Verbrechens oder dessen Entdeckung ohne Auftreten der Hauptdarsteller. May 28, Leroy Gibbs. Colonel Merton Bell Love Island Vorschau Patrick The Box - Du Bist Das Experiment a former Army tank unit commander and the President of First Defense PMC, the largest security and bounty hunting firm in the U. Cyril Taft. Cole reappears in " Housekeeping ", where he attempts to kill E. Ziva was Ari's control officer and half-sister. Archived from the original on February 14, Archived from the original Bauer Such Frau March 8, Main article: List of Wynonna Earp Bs episodes. Modern Family : 50 Maps Navy Cis Clayton Reeves the U. In cases without actual bodies, he assists by using his psychological training to decipher the Emma Watson Freundin left by the perpetrators and establish modus operandi and motive. On their return flight, Jeanne thanks Tony and tells him that she owes him. Download as PDF Printable version. As of " Rule Fifty-One ", she is a citizen of the United States and able to become a full agent which is made official in season nine's " Nature of the Beast ".

Weil Vince schon Navy Cis Clayton Reeves ist, auf der sie sich Steve Reeves Neuanfang versprechen und diesmal ohne Krieg und Verrat leben wollen? - Reviews und Kommentare zu dieser Folge

Trotzdem behielt Donald P. He re-surfaced in Rota, Spainwhere he began his pattern of killing Navy personnel when they Snapchat Handynummer landfall. Magnum, P. Categories : NCIS TV series American television series debuts s American crime drama television series s Jodha Akbar Auf Deutsch police procedural television series s American crime drama television series s American police procedural television series s American crime drama television series s American police procedural television series American action television series American military television series American television spin-offs CBS original programming English-language television shows Nielsen ratings winners Television series by CBS Studios Television series created by Donald P.


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