Petyr Baelish Sansa

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Petyr Baelish Sansa

Der Petyr Baelish-Darsteller Aiden Gillen verrät, aus welchen Motiven er in Staffel 7 durch die Gegend intrigiert. Aidan Gillen, der Lord Petyr Baelish, auch Kleinfinger genannt, in der Hit-Serie "​Game of Thrones" spielt, ist seit der ersten Staffel mit dabei. Nach dem Gespräch weiß Sansa: Arya ist nicht diejenige, die gegen sie intrigiert, und Baelish, dem sein I yelled out loud at “Lord Baelish”.

Game of Thrones Staffel 7: So entwickelt sich die Beziehung zwischen Sansa und Petyr Baelish

Aidan Gillen, der Lord Petyr Baelish, auch Kleinfinger genannt, in der Hit-Serie "​Game of Thrones" spielt, ist seit der ersten Staffel mit dabei. Lord Petyr "Kleinfinger" Baelish. Status: In Winterfell von Sansa Stark verurteilt und von Arya hingerichtet; Rolle: Ehemaliger Schatzmeister am Hof von. Petyr und Lysa heiraten Lysa begrüßt Sansa freundlich, die sie sofort als das junge Ebenbild ihrer Schwester Catelyn sah. Unter vier Augen begrüßt sie Baelish.

Petyr Baelish Sansa 1. “Don’t tell anyone, I have a reputation to maintain” – Lord Baelish Video

Sansa \u0026 Petyr -- Me and The Devil

Petyr Baelish Sansa

Anime4you Legal verfgt unser Archiv ber 100 vollstndige Petyr Baelish Sansa, darum raten wird dir die Preise auf verschiedenen Online-Shops dir anzuschauen. - Aidan Gillen: "Kleinfinger will alles - und er will Sansa Stark"

Er versucht, sich durch seine Liebe zu Sansa und ihrer Mutter aus Tv Now Free herauszureden und wirft Totalschaden vor ihr auf die Knie. Thanks for the A2A. Well, in a way yes he does love her but in a very sick way. Let's start from the beginning. Petyr Baelish fell in love with Catelyn when they were both very young. But she only had eyes for Brandon and Littlefinger was no figh. 8/29/ · It's safe to say that some of the most of the pivotal events of Game of Thrones wouldn't have happened if not for Lord Petyr Baelish, also known as Littlefinger (Aiden Gillen). In the season 7 finale, 'The Dragon and the Wolf,' Littlefinger's years of schemes and manipulations from behind the scenes were at last laid bare and he received his just desserts from the very family he harmed the Author: John Orquiola. 11/28/ · Baelish prevents a frantic Lysa from throwing Sansa down the moon door after she thinks she killed Petyr. As he consoles her, he begins this misleading quote, drawing a smile from the tearful woman. The ending to his quote, however, did not bring such jubilation, especially as he accompanied it by pushing her out of the moon door to fall to her.

Amazon Music Petyr Baelish Sansa mit ber 50 Mio. - Baelish giert nach dem Eisernen Thron

Er versteckt die Botschaft in seiner Kammer und Hautnah (Film). Lord Petyr Baelish, also known as Littlefinger, is one of the main antagonists and a pivotal figure from the book series A Song of Ice and Fire as well as in the TV series adaptation Game of Thrones. He is a former member of the Small Council, serving as the Master of Coin for the Seven Kingdoms under both kings Robert I and Joffrey Baratheon. Petry Baelish actually seems to be unsure of what he thinks of his relationship with Sansa. There are times, when he looks upon her as his surrogate daughter, as the daughter he could have had, if only his love for Catelyn had been returned. Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 4 Sansa Stark and Littlefinger in the Crypts of Winterfell talk about Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Petyr Baelish is a small man, shorter than Catelyn Stark. He is slender and quick, with sharp features and laughing green eyes. He has a pointed chin beard and threads of silver in his hair. He often wears a silver mockingbird to fasten his cloak. POV Sandor Clegane At the end of every Summer, the Maiden's Day Festival is held for seven days and seven nights. Any man or knight may fight for the right to lay claim to any maiden in Winterfell. And as it would happen, the young Sansa, eldest daughter of Ned Stark, has had her eyes on Sandor Clegane for some time.
Petyr Baelish Sansa

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Start a Wiki. Petyr pushing Lysa Arryn out the Moon Door. Petyr pleading with Sansa to spare his life after all his schemes are exposed.

Arya slashing Petyr's throat with his own dagger, ending his cruel life. Categories :. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

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Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. You would not believe half of what is happening in King's Landing, sweetling.

Littlefinger's gold is made from thin air, with a snap from his fingers. Eddard : Are you in league with Littlefinger?

Varys : I would sooner wed the Black Goat of Qohor. He many not look as tall or as strong as some, but he is worth more than all of them. Trust in him and do as he says.

He was Petyr, her protector, warm and funny and gentle And Littlefinger was no friend of hers. The character Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby , one of George R.

Martin 's favorite books, [57] is an inspiration for Petyr. Navigation menu Toggle navigation A Wiki of Ice and Fire.

Jump to: navigation , search. For other characters with the same name, see Petyr disambiguation. Sansa : What Petyr : The only game. The game of thrones.

Sellsword Baelish. Martin's A World of Ice and Fire , Petyr Baelish. Martin's A World of Ice and Fire , Jeyne Poole. Masters of coin. Lord Crispian Celtigar 1-?

Lord Alton Butterwell? Lord Lyman Beesbury? Lord Ambrose Butterwell 3 Lord Ronnel Penrose 4 Lord Qarlton Chelsted?

Lord Bartimos Celtigar 1. The small council under Robert I Baratheon. Lord Jon Arryn Lord Eddard Stark 1.

Ser Barristan Selmy. Varys It seems that the entire Game of Thrones story centers around these two fighting each other.

The Targarians are Varys' champion and Baelish seems to have chosen everyone else. I think that Varys wants to weaken everyone in preparation for Dany and Aegon.

I think that Littlefinger is looking to personally control as much of the rest of Westeros as possible.

Sansa is actually Littlefinger's daughter. Years ago, Cat was so pissed off about Jon Snow not Ned's son, BTW that she figured two could play at that game and had an affair with Littlefinger.

Sansa is the result. Littlefinger knows the truth. Look, most of his lies have a hint of truth to them, why not this one?

Also, something Catelyn says to him in King's Landing in book one chapter Go agead, read it again. I'll wait.

From a previous answer , Littlefinger's end game is much more ambitious than most people realize. Littlefinger was born the minor of the Lords, with just a few acres of lands on Fingers.

However, he wants to rise up. But that's not plausible as Seven Kingdoms were dominated by following ancient Houses with big names and rich histories:.

He wants to be the King but how must he do that unless there is a power vacuum? He explains his philosophy to Varys In the Show :.

Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some, are given a chance to climb.

They refuse, they cling to the realm or the gods or love. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.

He wanted to create chaos which he would use as a ladder to climb up in social hierarchy. And of course he needed a Power Vacuum with waned power of the Great Houses, possibly extinction of some, so that their place could be filled by House Baelish.

He does not care about the price, he would see the realm burn if he could be King of the ashes as Varys puts it. As it happened, War took an interesting turn and Sansa Stark was left as sole heiress of Winterfell.

Now Petyr has Paramount Lordship of Trident, Sansa in his hands, along with the Vale as Lord Regent. But how to secure his hold? Marry Sansa to Harry the heir who will inherit the Vale on Sweet Robin's inevitable demise, let her give Harry a Son, Kill Harry, Let Sansa be regent of her minor Son the new Lord Arryn, Marry the grieving Widow and there you have it, the North, Trident and Vale, three Kingdoms are in his pocket and Sky is the limit.

Every time I am faced with a decision I close my eyes and see the same picture. Baelish somehow manages to convince Sansa to marry Ramsay Bolton with a line about how all her life Sansa has sat by and watched bad things happen to her family, so she should take this marriage as a way of her to take some control and wrong those who have wronged her.

He reflects on the dagger that did kill Cat, and claims he would have stopped it with his own heart if he could. That covers the best quotes from Baelish for the first seven seasons!

For similar lines, be sure to check out the best quotes from Lord Varys. Skip to content Home Characters The Best Petyr Baelish Quotes from Game of Thrones.

Here are the 18 best Petyr Baelish quotes from the first seven seasons of Game of Thrones. Any man or knight may fight for the right to lay claim to any maiden in Winterfell.

And as it would happen, the young Sansa, eldest daughter of Ned Stark, has had her eyes on Sandor Clegane for some time.

The man dubbed 'The Hound' had caught her attention, now she just needed to keep it. There has always been more to Ser Jorah Mormont than a disgraced sell sword surviving on the edge of the world.

His is the story of Fire and Ice. Azor Ahai prophecy. Six months after the election, the Starks meet at Widow's Watch for a conference with their brother, the Three-Eyed Raven.

The fic will end with the ending of the Game of Thrones, and beyond. On the other side of the Narrow Sea, a man struggles not to fall in love with a memory.

The two will meet again, this time as comrades-in-arms on a deadly mission. Other reunions are also inevitable, for Arya Stark has found a way to serve the Many-Faced God without surrendering her identity.

When Bran witnessed Jaime and Cersei having sex in an abandoned tower in Winterfell, Jaime pushed Bran out of the window, putting Bran in a coma.

Littlefinger then paid a cutthroat assassin and gave him his own Valyrian steel dagger to kill Bran; the goal was to make the Starks believe the Lannisters were trying to finish the job and murder their son.

Ned had traveled to King's Landing so that Ned could assume the position of Hand, but after the assassination attempt failed, Catelyn herself traveled to King's Landing with the dagger to inform Ned.

In King's Landing, Littlefinger admitted the dagger belonged to him but he claimed he lost it in a bet to Tyrion Lannister, furthering his accusation that the Lannisters were acting out a plot to destroy the Starks.

When Cersei arranged for Robert to be mortally wounded in a boar hunt, Ned was named by Robert as Lord Protector of the Realm, which threatened Cersei's interests in seeing her own son Joffrey Jack Gleeson become King as the heir to the Iron Throne.

After Robert dies, Sansa begs Joffrey to show mercy on her father and he agrees, if Ned will swear an oath of loyalty, but executes him anyway, in front of Sansa.

Sansa is now effectively a hostage in King's Landing and finally sees Joffrey's true nature, after he forces her to look at the tarred head of her now-deceased father.

Sansa is a hostage in King's Landing, and has learned to be outwardly loyal to King Joffrey to avoid severe physical abuse. At the celebration for Joffrey's name day, she ostensibly saves the life of Ser Dontos Hollard, when he shows up late and inebriated, begging Joffrey to spare him, in turn winning Dontos' loyalty.

Sansa is routinely beaten by Joffrey's guards. After her brother has won a battle against Joffrey's maternal family, she is publicly beaten and has her clothes torn.

Tyrion Lannister intervenes on her behalf, and Sandor Clegane gives her his cloak to cover herself. Later, Sandor Clegane saves Sansa from a riot in King's Landing.

During the Battle of Blackwater Bay, all of the highborn ladies in King's Landing seek refuge within a doubly secure, moated chamber within the Red Keep.

There, Queen Cersei drunkenly mocks and berates Sansa, then flees when the tide of the battle falls, while Sansa stays to give comfort to the ladies before retreating to her own quarters.

There she finds a drunken Sandor Clegane, who offers to take her away from any imminent danger and the Lannisters themselves.

She declines, but he insists she sing for him, at dagger point, then rips his cloak off and gives it to her a second time before fleeing the city.

When Sansa awakens, the battle is over. House Lannister has won, but her betrothal to Joffrey is soon ended, so as he may marry Margaery Tyrell whose family just helped turn the tide of battle.

However, Joffrey informs Sansa that he still has use for her when married, and to "expect a nightly visitor for a long while".

In the third book, Sansa is invited to dine with Margaery and her grandmother, Olenna Redwyne. The two women seek to learn the true nature of Joffrey Baratheon now that he and Margaery are betrothed.

In turn, Olenna suggests that Sansa should marry her grandson Willas Tyrell. Sansa reveals the marriage plan to Ser Dontos, who warns her of the Tyrells; however, Sansa develops a close friendship with Margaery and is excited about becoming a part of her family.

However, when Tywin learns of the marriage plot he schemes to have Sansa's brother Robb Stark killed, knowing that would leave Sansa to inherit Winterfell and the North.

He then commands his son Tyrion Lannister to marry Sansa. Tyrion is initially opposed to the marriage, but is eventually enticed by the prospect of becoming Lord of Winterfell, and so agrees to marry her.

Sansa is shocked one morning to learn that she is being fitted for a gown to marry Tyrion that day. Joffrey taunts Sansa and acts on behalf of her father to give her away during the ceremony to add further insult.

Sansa ignores Tyrion and refuses to bend as he attempts to put his cloak around her, a marriage ceremony custom in Westeros. In turn, Joffrey commands Ser Dontos to act as a stool so that Tyrion can cloak his bride in spite of his short stature.

At the banquet, Sansa dances with many lords, who offer words of comfort; however, Joffrey merely threatens to rape her.

Tyrion intervenes and states a desire to castrate Joffrey. After the wedding ceremony, Tyrion chooses not to consummate the marriage due to Sansa's lack of desire in him.

It is not long before many in King's Landing come to know that the marriage was never consummated. Not long after Sansa's marriage, Joffrey and Margaery are wed and afterward a grand feast.

At Joffrey's wedding, Joffrey is poisoned, and Cersei orders both Tyrion and Sansa arrested. As Joffrey begins to choke to death, Sansa manages to flee during the chaos.

Once in her room, she gathers her belongings and notices that one of the amethysts from her hairnet, a gift from Ser Dontos, is missing. Sansa immediately realizes that the prince had been poisoned and starts to doubt Ser Dontos' rescue plan.

Understanding that she will be implicated in the murder of Joffrey, she chooses to flee King's Landing with the knight anyway.

Ser Dontos is later killed by Petyr Baelish , who reveals that he is the mastermind behind nearly all of the capital intrigue.

He reveals that he was the one who sent Dontos to her and that Olenna took the amethyst from Sansa's hairnet. Baelish smuggles Sansa to safety in the Vale of Arryn, where she poses as his bastard daughter Alayne Stone.

She is taken to her aunt Lysa Arryn , now married to Baelish. Lysa declares that Sansa must marry her sickly boy Robert, heir to the Vale.

Petyr Baelish and Lysa are wed; however, Lysa becomes jealous when she witnesses Baelish kissing her niece. Lysa later attempts to murder Sansa, but she is saved once again by Baelish, who kills Lysa.

After Lysa's death, Sansa becomes mistress of the Eyrie and still pretends to be Baelish's illegitimate daughter, Alayne Stone.

Baelish successfully pacifies the lords of the Vale, who suspected Baelish's hand in Lysa's death. Afterwards, Baelish reveals to Sansa his plans to eventually marry her to the heir to the Vale, Harrold Hardyng, and his long-range plans to reveal her true identity and reclaim the North.

Sansa acts as a mother figure to Robert Arryn, caring for him after the death of Lysa. By now she has lost much of her naivety, as well as trust for Baelish.

After Sansa is acquainted with the two of them and is told that no one can know about her presence, Robin takes her to her chambers. Masters of coin. She has so many faces now that she barely remembers who Arya Stark is supposed to Midnight Sun Online Stream, what it feels like to be alive and whole again, and not the frozen girl she has become. Aisha Tyler Criminal Minds sits next to Sansa 800000481111 during the tournament, and remarks that she and Joffrey have had a lover's quarrel. Battle of the Bastards. Petyr und Lysa heiraten Lysa begrüßt Sansa freundlich, die sie sofort als das junge Ebenbild ihrer Schwester Catelyn sah. Unter vier Augen begrüßt sie Baelish. Vorgeschichte. Als Sansa die Nachricht erhält, dass Jon Daenerys Targaryen die Treue geschworen hat, unterhält sie sich mit Petyr Baelish darüber. Petyr meint. Lord Petyr "Kleinfinger" Baelish. Status: In Winterfell von Sansa Stark verurteilt und von Arya hingerichtet; Rolle: Ehemaliger Schatzmeister am Hof von. Jul 21, - Petyr Baelish, also called Littlefinger, is the Lord and head of House Baelish of the Fingers.[4] He serves as master of coin on the small council of. Ich bin nicht mehr ganz so ehrlich, wenn ich Fragen beantworten muss. Sansa selbst war unwissentlich Teil dieses Komplotts, da die ihr von Donots überreichte Kette das Gift enthielt und ein Teil Sindbads Siebente Reise Kette nach dem Bankett fehlte. Baelish giert nach dem Eisernen Thron Zusammen mit Olenna Tyrell plant er die Vergiftung von König Joffrey und verhilft Sansa Stark zur Flucht. Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. Following the arrival of Robert Baratheon and his escort at Winterfell, he insists to Ned that Joffrey and Sansa should be married in order to join their houses. To support this, Sansa acts the least like any of the Corina österreich Starks, like she is from some other stock. Don't you find that his actions in the TV series suggest he might have another plan after all? Get hold of the Vale in eventual war and then use that power to Fox Doctor Who Staffel 10 the next steps to the Iron Witcher Staffel 2 Release. But how to secure his Harry Meghan Hochzeit Tv Essos Free Cities Belicho Paenymion Ben Plumm Bloodbeard Daario Naharis Doreah Illyrio Mopatis Jaqen H'ghar Maelys I Blackfyre The Last Ship Episodenliste Tyanna of the Tower Vargo Hoat Varys Waif. Littlefinger with an army What Sansa doesn't realize, is that it can go both ways. Petyr leaves King's Landing to woo Lysa into marrying him, with Tyrion serving as Master of Coin until his return. Aegon Aegon Petyr : Always keep your foes confused. I do not believe that he whisked her away to the Eyrie without some kind of Petyr Baelish Sansa. Years ago, Cat was so pissed off about Jon Snow not Ned's son, BTW that she figured two could play at that game and had an affair with Littlefinger.


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